Webroot Internet Security Complete Review

webroot internet security

Are you worried about your system’s security, then there is a security suite available for your, i.e., Webroot Internet Security. Through the help of this, the user can protect their system and sacrificing the system’s performance. It keeps the system safe and secure from all sorts of online threats, spyware, and viruses.

This security is nicely designed with a very simple and easy to understand user-interface. The sidebar located on the left side gives the user access to the program’s functions. At the same time, the main area displays the options and each tool’s settings.

Webroot Internet Security is a complete antivirus that safeguards against all kinds of online threats without slowing down the system’s speed. Moreover, it is a powerful, lightweight protection tool that is great for PC, Android, and Mac devices. It also protects the user’s personal information by blocking the latest phishing attract, malware, and cyberattacks.

Features of Webroot Internet Security

Webroot Internet security is laden with the latest and advanced features and uses real-time threat intelligence to protect the system against known and zero-day malware. Alongside, the password manager feature keeps the user’s data secure and can be easily accessed from all devices. Thus, the user can manage security for all devices through a single dashboard.

Blocks Viruses and Malwar

It is a cloud-based antivirus that provides internet security protection.

Identity Theft Protection

It defends the user by protecting their personal information such as username, password, and account details.

Safe Web browsing

It blocks ransomware, phishing, and other malicious attempts to steal the user’s personal information.

Never slow down

It scans the device in seconds and uses minimum storage space because of the cloud-based software.

Secure the Webcam

It detects and blocks attempts to spy on the user.

Pros and Cons

It is essential to know what does it includes and what are its pros and cons. So we have below described the pros and cons of the Webroot Internet Security tool.


  • Well-designed and easy to understand user-interface
  • Include a complete set of security tools
  • Fast scanning speed
  • It takes less time to install 


  • Parental control not included
  • Firewall protection is not included
  • Renewal price is high

What does Webroot Internet Security offer?

This Internet Security is compatible with PC/Mac, phone or tablets, and up to 3 devices. Also, it aims to protect the user’s device against viruses, spyware, phishing attack, malware, and online threats. The Webroot Internet security software offers the following features provided below.

  • Detects and remove virus and malware
  • Block unsafe website that can steal personal information
  • It shields the user’s identity and financial information.
  • It warns the user about the potentially dangerous sites and links before the user click.
  • It provides ransomware protection
  • It secures Android, Smartphones, and tablets.
  • It contains performance and security tune-up tools
  • It runs fast, powerful scan without slowing down the system’s speed.

So, the above stated are the following things that webroot Internet Security offers to its users. Therefore, if any user is looking for a security tool, then consider using Webroot Internet Security. Visit to setup your Webroot Secureanywhere Antivirus.

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